UNICOL MANAGEMENT SERVICES, INC., a duly registered company under Philippine law, engages in ship crew manning. The company’s overriding objective is providing quality services to clients. We have measured up to that objective and through the years we have proven our capability in managing human resource to optimal use and deployment. At present, we cover a complete spectrum of marine manning from full crew management to a single seafarer supply “agency arrangement,”

We always strive to stay in the forefront of the industry, and through our strict selection policy of officers and crew, we earned a reputation of a reliable shipboard manager.

The archipelagic nature of our country, the Philippines, which is composed of more than 7,100 islands, and the rich history of sea-power colonization by various cultures of the world contribute to the Filipino’s adaptability and capability to assimilate, communicate and effectively respond to the demanding tasks of seafaring. This is manifested by the upward trend of the number of Filipino Seafarers hired in world shipping. Presently in the field of crew services, the Philippines ranks among the best, if not the first, in the business of supplying officers and ratings on board foreign ocean-going ships operating throughout the world. The Philippine Government, in fulfilling its commitments to uphold and maintain high standards of maritime resource, joins efforts with the private sectors to implement continuous upgrading of skills of Filipino seamen, not only to comply with provisions of IMO requiring continuous Seafarer’s Training, Certification and Watch keeping (STCW’95), but, more importantly, to keep them abreast with modern trends in maritime technology.

Along this line, our very own Zamboanga del Sur Maritime Institute of Technology and Cristal-e-College are equipped with modern facilities which include training ship, up to date equipment and training modules, and well experienced instructors. These educational maritime institutions have responded to the Philippine Government calls for modernization and continuous upgrading of skills of Filipino seafarers to make them adept at any type of ocean-going vessels worldwide.

UNICOL MANAGEMENT SERVICES, INC. has a pool of diligent, physical and mentally fit, competent and experienced seafarers to operate any type of vessel. Their strict training and discipline are the foundations of productivity in ship management. They posses the STCW’95 Certificates as mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO). The employment performance of Filipino seamen is kept within the framework of the “CODE OF DISCIPLINE FOR OVERSEAS WORKERS” which is closely monitored by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

As ever, UNICOL strives to remain at the forefront of its established field of business through continuous improvement, innovation, initiative, dedication and commitment to quality systems, of management and work ethics.

We are located at the heart of Manila City, Philippines, right across the historic Rizal Park, where seafarers from various places throughout the Philippines congregate to exchange notes on available overseas deployment or keep abreast of trends in the maritime industry: We are just fifteen (15) minutes drive from the Manila Seaport and thirty (30) minutes from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Further, we are near to Government offices and to the different foreign consulates and embassies, and to 5-star and deluxe hotels where you may stay during your visit.