UNICOL has the unique feature of having its own Maritime Training Colleges where in loyalty and discipline are instilled in the seamen from the beginning of their education through there graduation, and finally apply their skills in direct employment to Unicol’s principal clients.


Our Lady of Triump Institute of Technology, Inc.







UNICOL’S institution of training are all located in deeply tardiness and historical seaside regions in the Philippines ,thus its maritime students and graduate seamen come from a long bloodline of strong and hardworking Seafarers in the Philippines. Unicol’s seamen are students and graduates from its own schools, and therefore are more disciplined, well-trained and loyal to their alma master, their employer: Unicol, and most importantly to the principal to whom they will be assigned. Other “manning agencies” only supply seamen who have graduated from other colleges, and therefore more “Agents”. The manpower and seamen provided by Unicol are treated as their own family and fellow seafarers.

Unicol Management Services, inc.,Has a pool of diligent, physically and mentally fit, competent, experienced, and hard working seafarers to operate any type of vessel. Their strict training and discipline are the foundation of productivity and hard working seafarers to operate any type of vessel. Their strict training and discipline are the foundation of productivity In world-class ship-management. they posses STCW ‘95 Certificates as mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Labor Organization (ILO).


The archipelagic nature of the Philippines which is composed of 7107 island and the rich history of sea-powered colonization by various culture of the world has contributed to the Filipino’s adaptability and capability to assimilate, communicate and effectively respond to the demanding tasks of seafaring around the world. This is manifested by the upward trend of the number of Filipino Seafarers hired in world shipping.

The Philippine government, in fulfilling its commitment to uphold and maintain high standards of maritime resource, joins effort with the private sector to implement continuous upgrading skills of Filipino seamen, not only to comply with the provision of I MO requiring continuous Seafarer Training, Certification and Watch-Keeping (STCW ‘95) but more importantly to keep abreast with modern trends in maritime technology.

The employment performance of the Filipino seamen in kept within the framework of the CODE OF DISCIPLINE FOR OVERSEAS WORKERS which is closely monitored by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).