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UNICOL Management Services is certified under ISO 9001:2015 for Crew Management Services.

Highly qualified personnel and the optimal turn-over among sea-staff are vital assumptions to achieve efficient utilization of resources and predicable operating results. Proper selection, assessment and training of our sea-going personnel are therefore given highest priority in order to:
• Recruit, train and develop the most reliable personnel for engagement onboard;
• Provide competent seafarers at a competitive cost to vessels of its clients;
• Secure that invested competence remains with principals and the company.


With long years of experience in crew-manning operations, UNICOL has developed expertise in this business and has continuously met the requirements of its principals catering to various types of cargo vessels including its crewing niche… services/supply support ships, ocean engaged fishing boats. Of recent, capability to provide personnel needs of dredging vessels and related project solutions has been established with ready pool of competent and experience sea-staff.



Routine procedure in the processing of seafarers required by the clients are established in the Company Quality Management System.
Computerized assessment system is implemented in addition to traditional methods of selection and recruitment of all ranks. Hence a basis for more objective sea-staff assessment is carried out ensuring quality and competent crew are embarked.