Company Profile:


UNICOL Management Services, Inc. was established in 1989 as a manning company that has dynamic reputation in providing excellent and quality services to our customers and business partners. To date it continue to uphold such practice servicing Clientele in cargo, fishing, tanker vessels with the new addition of the dredging and offshore business unit. The creativity, wealth of experience, and skills of the UNICOL employees enables the company to carry out its obligations and commitment in a timely manner and with professionalism.

As the company embarked to meet the new & high demand of the business and its Clients, it has launched a re-branding of the company system and processes. Investment in people, processes, equipment, quality and safety is always the top priority of the company. While we pursue autonomy in our management and operations, we are also open to Clients innovative interface with its program and processes to achieve cost efficiency at the same time maintaining excellent quality services.

The UNICOL top management and staff are committed to work as one team, being transparent and accountable in all our actions.


To be one of the leading and lasting partner of global clients committed to delivering reliable, innovative crewing and maritime related services in the local and international shipping trade


• To provide our customer and stakeholders assurance of continued cost-efficient and sustainable solutions.
• To work closely with our clients with transparency, pro-activeness and professionalism maintaining stable relationship.


UNICOL inspires…
I – NTEGRITY and reliability of our services.
N – URTURING goodwill with our people and clients.
S – INCERITY in implementing our quality processes.
P – ROFESSIONALISM in our industry practices.
I – NNOVATIVE in our management and business ideas.
R – ESPECT to human beings and value to human lives.
E – XCELLENCE in delivering our services right, the first time.
S – AFETY of operations, a vital focus in our business considerations.


UNICOL is committed to deliver the best services to its clients with continual improvement to meet expectations always adhering to its established quality system